Below are a range of Frequently Asked Questions (with answers) that we hope will encourage you to join us.

  • 1.Training
  • How good do I have to be to swim with the club?
    Justin McDermott17-02-2015

    you need to able to swim at least 4 x 30 meters of front-crawl without stopping.

  • Can I just turn up?
    Justin McDermott17-02-2015

    Yes, but it is preferable to contact the club beforehand to let us know you wish to attend a session. Please allow time before as the coach maybe busy just before the session.

  • How much is it to swim?
    Justin McDermott17-02-2015

    £5 for all sessions.

  • I am not a strong athlete. Is that okay?
    Justin McDermott17-02-2015

    Sure! ELT is a very inclusive club and caters for all abilities. check the respective FAQ for each discipline to make sure you know.

  • Do I have to be a member before coming to a session ?
    Justin McDermott17-02-2015

    No. You can attend three sessions as a trial to see if you enjoy training with us. Please feel free to chat with the coaches and members if you are not sure about anything.

  • What kinds of sessions do you offer?
    Justin McDermott17-02-2015

    Please see the training calender. We offer swim, bike, run sessions throughout the week.

  • Can any one / any ability come?
    Justin McDermott17-02-2015

    Of course! If you have any specific questions please contact us here.

  • Do I need specific training gear?
    Justin McDermott17-02-2015


    SWIM: swimming cap, goggles, trunks/costume, £5.

    BIKE: fully working (road bike preferably), pump, puncture repair kit, fluids, mobile phone, money in case of emergency.

    RUN: trainers, fluids, appropriate clothing for the weather.

  • How much does it cost?
    Justin McDermott17-02-2015

    TO JOIN: £35.00 per year

    TO SWIM: £5.00 per session

    TURBO: £3.00 per session

    TRACK RUN: £3.60 per session

  • Do you offer personal training sessions?
    Justin McDermott17-02-2015

    We have excellent coaches in the club that can offer a range of 1:1 sessions for you.

  • What if I am injured? Should I still train?
    Justin McDermott17-02-2015

    The simple answer is no. All members need to take responsibility for their health. If you feel not sure then seek professional help.

  • Is triathlon right for me?
    Justin McDermott17-02-2015

    We hope so! I guess you will not know unless you try....!

  • 2.Events
  • Do I have to enter a triathlon?
    Justin McDermott17-02-2015

    No but we would like to support you in being able to.

  • 3.Joining
  • How do I join?
    Justin McDermott17-02-2015

    Just go to the JOIN tab and follow instructions. It is all on-line.

  • Do I have to join before I have tried a session?
    Justin McDermott17-02-2015

    No. You have three sessions as a trial to see if you enjoy them before you need to join.

  • Is there an age limit?
    Justin McDermott17-02-2015

    No. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by a guardian and supervised at all times.

  • What if I do not want my pictures on the website?
    Justin McDermott17-02-2015

    We encourage respect and dignity for all members and if their is photograph that is sensitive please ask the Committee. It is sometimes difficult to manage as some social media and events use photographs to promote the event.